Oregon® 40V MAX

Chain Saw CS300

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

40V MAX* Lithium Ion Performance

Featuring a powerful brushless motor offering approximately 40% more power and torque than the highly reviewed previous model; the CS250. High power and fast cutting with a 16″ (40cm) chain and bar. Premium cell, Lithium Ion battery for long runtime, constant no-fade power, and able to hold charge in storage for months.

Instant Start

No pull cords, no warm-up required, no gas-oil mixing, and no emissions!

PowerSharp® System

Self-sharpening chain saw. Simply pull the patented PowerSharp® lever and go from dull to sharp in as little as three seconds. Never cut with a dull chain again.

Low Noise

Four times quieter than a gas saw when in use; silent between cuts.

Ergonomic Design

Light-weight and balanced design. Low vibration.

Model ContainsComplete kit - 6.0 Ah Battery Pack and C750 chargerComplete kit - 4.0 Ah Battery Pack and C600 chargerComplete kit - 2.4 Ah Battery Pack and C600 chargerTool Only - no battery pack or charger included
Tool Weight with Guide Bar and Chain12.0 lb (5.4kg) with battery12.0 lb (5.4kg) with battery12.0 lb (5.4kg) with battery9.3 lb (4.2kg)
Guide Bar Length16 inch (40cm)16 inch (40cm)16 inch (40cm)16 inch (40cm)
Chain TypePowerSharp®PowerSharp®PowerSharp®PowerSharp®
Chain Pitch / Gauge3/8" low profile / .050" gauge3/8" low profile / .050" gauge3/8" low profile / .050" gauge3/8" low profile / .050" gauge
No Load Chain Speed2796 FPM2796 FPM2796 FPM2796 FPM
Oil Lubrication SystemAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Oil Tank Volume4.1 oz (120ml)4.1 oz (120ml)4.1 oz (120ml)4.1 oz (120ml)
Battery Pack ModelB650EB600EB400En/a
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium IonLithium Ionn/a
Battery Nominal Capacity6.0 Ah / 216 Wh4.0 Ah / 144 Wh2.4 Ah / 89 Whn/a
Nominal Voltage40V40V40Vn/a
Battery Pack Weight2.8 lb (1.25 kg)2.7 lb (1.2 kg)2.7 lb (1.2 kg)n/a
Charger ModelC650C600C600n/a
Charge Time (approx.)90 Minutes240 Minutes120 Minutesn/a
Warranty3 YR**3 YR**3 YR**3 YR**

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Part

Replacement Chain

Part #: 560510

Replacement Part

Replacement Bar

Part #: 160SDEA041

Replacement Part


Part #: 551276

User Reviews

Chain saw for all seasons: Oregon CS 300

I bought the Oregon CS 300 chain saw about 2 months ago and have used it daily.
The ease of starting, the ultimate portability and a long lasting charge make it my choice for most jobs. I own 2 other chain saws, but my first choice is the Oregon because I simply pick it up and start work no gasoline can or cords to worry about.
It has plenty of power for most work except for larger tree jobs. ”
- James G. Herman

Best chain saw Oregon CS300

Works like a charm it´s fast and really strong.
Before i bought this battery operated chain saw i was a bit suspicus.
But trust me it got all the power u need,i got surpriced.
Now our garden and the small forest is well trimmed.

Daniel Karlsson
Dalarna Sweden”
- Daniel Karlsson

Oregon Battery Chain Saw CS 300


I just purchased this chain saw 4 weeks ago and it is fantastic. It lives up to it's description completely. I am a 71 yr. old female and use it to cut my firewood for the Winter. It is light weight, noiseless compared to the gas chain saws and comfortable to handle. This is, indeed, a great product.

thank You Kay Albright”
- Kay Albright

This saw is the real deal

I bought this saw primarily to do tree limbing on my lot - I have 5 very wooded acres with lots of big pines and oaks, most of which need I a boom lift to access. My gas powered Stihl is really not an option for this kind of work, it's cut a branch or two, reposition the lift etc. So I bit the bullet and bought this saw, along with the companion leaf blower. I couldn't be more impressed! It cuts as fast (maybe even a bit faster) as my Stihl with the same bar length, despite the fact it has a wider chain. The electric benefits are awesome, quiet, no start, no fuel etc. It is a bit heavier than a comparable gas saw (mostly battery weight) but not so much as to be a problem. On board sharpening is a great feature as well. I gave the saw the acid test bucking up a cord of dense Douglas Fir( 4' lengths, limbed,12-24" diameter) - with two 4AH batteries I made it about 34 of the way through. That's a lot of cutting! My only comment would be make sure you get the 4 AH battery (or 2) and the upgraded C750 charger (it's available as a package now.) The bigger charger will take a flat 4 AH battery to full in about 90 minutes - the cheap one (C600) takes more than twice as long.”
- Erik J
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