Oregon® 40V MAX

Blower BL300

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

40V MAX* Lithium Ion Performance

Constant, no-fade power. Premium cell technology. Holds charge in storage for months.

Comfort & Control

Light-weight and ergonomic design. Large, comfortable trigger and Turbo Button reduce fatigue. Variable speed trigger increases control and run time.

Premium Blower Technology

High performance fan maximizes blower output. Gas power in a light-weight convenient design. Optimized fan and brushless motor delivers ideal balance between power and run time Maximum air speed of 131.5 MPH. Maximum air volume of 507 CFM. Maximum run time of 90 minutes.

Low Noise

64.6 db(A) on Turbo meets most community noise regulations. Silent between trigger pulls.

Model ContainsComplete kit - 6.0A Battery Pack and C750 chargerComplete kit - 4.0 Ah Battery Pack and C600 chargerTool Only - no battery pack or charger included
Tool Weight8.9 lb (4.0kg)8.9 lb (4.0kg)6.2 lb (2.8 kg)
Air Flow (High)400 CFM400 CFM400 CFM
Air Flow (Turbo)507 CFM507 CFM507 CFM
Air Speed (High)102 MPH102 MPH102 MPH
Air Speed (Turbo)131.5 MPH131.5 MPH131.5 MPH
Noise Level (High)*60.8 dB(a)60.8 dB(a)60.8 dB(a)
Noise Level (Turbo)*64.6 dB(a)64.6 dB(a)64.6 dB(a)
Battery Pack ModelB650EB600En/a
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ionn/a
Battery Nominal Capacity6.0 Ah / 216 Wh4.0 Ah / 144 Whn/a
Nominal Voltage40V40Vn/a
Battery Pack Weight2.8 lb (1.25 kg)2.7 lb (1.2 kg)n/a
Charger ModelC650C600n/a
Charge Time (approx.)90 Minutes240 Minutesn/a
Warranty3 YR**3 YR**3 YR**
* tested per ANSI B175.2 bystander sound pressure

User Reviews

Great product

I work for a very large timber products company and we purchased several blowers to replace the use of air wands for clean up in a hwavy ind us trial environment. Great product and out did the corded blowers while eliminating the extension cord reels. Win win for production and safety. ”
- Michael Huffman


I have at last found an awesome company that take pride in their products. I have the cordless BL300 40 volt Leaf blower that is pure turbo power. My only issue is the switch has gone bad in 3 months. I will hope to get a replacement switch and maybe next year upgrade.
I also have the cordless Oregon lawn edger string trimmer … so far so awesome, good control ,and great power i can easily control .

Michael Vinyard”
- Michael Vinyard


I used the blower for about 30 minutes and still had battery left for more use! This blower has so much air velocity that I didn't even need to use the turbo button! Great product!”
- Shawn Light
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