Hear what our customers have to say

"The Oregon saw is ready to work when you're ready to work" – David L.
"The Oregon chain saw is the newest weapon in my arsenal, it's one that works." – Patrick B.
  • Stewart S. – Homeowner on a wooded lot
    30 years chain saw experience

    The saw was awesome. I loved that I was able to start at 6am and not have the neighbors complain. I worked from 6am to 10am in the morning. I like the fact that when you let go of it, it would shut down so I could safely sit it down on the ground. With a gas saw the chain keeps moving slightly. When you let go of the trigger it shuts down and then when you squeeze the trigger it is ready to go. I really like it.

  • John K. – Landscaper
    Many years chain saw experience

    I think it makes far less noise than a gas saw. A gas saw has a higher pitch. There's even less noise than a skill saw. I was out early and we had no complaints. I wasn't bothering anyone. I would definitely recommend it to someone. I'd say give it a try.

  • Gary S. – Landscaper
    10 years chain saw experience

    I used the saw to take out some old growth shrubs and some large branches. Some were maple and others were shrub trees. It sliced through everything. I think the biggest was 15cm and it didn't seem to slow it down. It worked beautifully. I am a proponent and I advise others to get it. I would tell anyone to get and use it. It's a hell of a good product.

  • Sam G. – Homeowner on a wooded lot
    30 years chain saw experience

    It worked well for me in so many ways. I put it in the four-wheeler and went down into the property. I ran into some 15cm beams that just stick out a little too much so I jumped out and used the saw to take them to the right length. Then I found a door that wouldn't swing into the pasture and I realized I needed to take a little off the post so I pulled out the saw and took that down. I thought 'oh, this is just what I need'.

  • Mark L. – Firefighter
    20 years chain saw experience

    I think it's real convenient. I like that when I set it down its not running and all I have to do is squeeze the trigger and I'm off and running. Power and speed were good. I was impressed really with that more than I thought I would be.

  • Jeff B. – Landscaper
    35 years chain saw experience

    The battery lasted a long time. I used the saw sporadically and it kept working. I think I used it on and off over a day and a half. It is a lot lighter and easier to carry around. The chain sharpener? Yeah that worked really good. I dulled it way down by running it in the dirt and then I sharpened it. It went right back to sharp. That's really nice.