Oregon® 40V

Lawn Mower LM400

40V Lithium Ion Performance

Oregon’s new LM400 Lawn Mower possesses the power capacity to cut any residential yard. The LM400’s tough steel deck gives it the muscular look of a gas mower — without emissions and excess noise. The LM400 can run on only one battery, but it has the capacity for two — which the convenience of extended run time.

The LM400 has a vertical storage position, so it will take up minimal space in your garage.


Cut more grass with fewer passes. The LM400’s brushless motor delivers enhanced torque that allows you to cut high grass and tough vegetation on rough terrain. The LM400’s 20″ cutting diameter offers a wider cut for larger yards.

3 Cutting Options

The LM400 has three convenient cutting options:

  1. Simply allow yard debris to collect in the provided bag.
  2. Use the right-side discharge to eject yard debris as you mow.
  3. Choose the rear discharge option to dispose of grass and yard debris at the rear of the mower. Grass clippings will fall back onto the ground and help reduce your yard’s moisture loss.
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